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A new avocado restaurant has opened in Aberdeen

Calling millennials and avocado lovers, this ones for you!

Avo, a new Aberdeen restaurant specialising in Avocado based dishes, opened its doors to all avocado addicts (so, everyone) on Monday and it looks unreal! The eatery has plenty of healthy and delicious options to choose from ranging from a classic toasted bread with avocado, to salads and smoothies.

You can also build your own toast, choosing your bread, avocado and topping (which includes vegetarian and vegan options). And if you've still got room for dessert, they've even got avocado waffles and cheesecake. It truly is a millennials' dream restaurant.

The restaurant is located in Aberdeen Market and is open six days a week (closed on Sunday), 10am – 5pm. And, with beautiful food presentation in a quaint wooden shack it's the perfect stop for an insta – so avocaDO treat yourself!

Putting the healthy into unnecessary revision break, its definitely going to be a popular one with all the students. You'll find me at brunch!