Clubbers of the week: Celeb edition

How many more bad decisions can we fit in before May?

We're almost half way through the semester, but with deadlines fast approaching, the students of Aberdeen continue to sink their student loans into VBLs and 3am McDonald's.

Here are the standouts from another week of shame and regret, with a few famous faces to be seen.

Most ambitious graft of the week

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Reckon he knows what happened to her other exes?

The only boys in town that can afford Nox on a Saturday.

Most convincing fake IDs of the week

"If Mum checks Facebook I'm grounded…"

Least productive squad

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It's worth getting the sack for a photo with Ariana.

Most unexpected comeback

Not even being dead for 30 years can stop the sesh sometimes.

Best musicians of the week

If the tunes at skite are shite, just make your own.

Most mismatched couple:

Anyone got any stilts?

Worst denim jacket

When the undateables come to Exodus

Brokest squad of the week

Lads if you can't even afford cloakroom then you probably should've gone to Exo…

Most content clubber

Sometimes a VK is all it takes to find inner peace.

Worst timed photobomb

If this is what it looks like when you dance you should probably just stay at home.

Photo Credits:

Exodus: Images courtesy @SRuhkala Photography

ATIK and Vanity Photobooth: Ruskin Fox

Vanity, Nox and Milk Thursdays: Lauren Polson Photography

Prohibition: Silver City Photography

Carwash at Underground: Pirate Photography