Aberdeen Uni launches ‘Report and Support’ system to fight sexual assault

A step forward to a safer campus

Aberdeen University has joined the fight against sexual harassment and launched a scheme that allows students and staff to report issues either anonymously or by name, 24/7.

The uni will be using the online "Report and Support" system introduced by Robert Gordon University in October of last year, and is accessible through their website.

Heads of the institution are hoping that the reporting will "empower" the students and help provide the support they need.

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Emily Drouet, who took her own life following abuse at the hands of her boyfriend

The universities have been working with campaigner Fiona Drouet, whose daughter Emily was a victim of abuse by her campus boyfriend.

The University of Aberdeen student ended up taking her own life in March of 2016.

Mrs Drouet welcomes the new scheme and believes it can give the help needed for victims and witnesses of gender-based violence.

She said: "This tool enables victims, survivors and witnesses to report at a time and place where they feel safe to do so.

“The option to remain anonymous removes the element of reluctance people may have when reporting.

“GBV is a societal issue and not restricted to universities.

“Our colleges and universities across Scotland recognise and accept they play a pivotal role in addressing these issues.

“We want to make sure they continue to address these matters responsibly in order to provide safer campuses.”

Head of student support at Aberdeen University, Nick Edwards, said: “It is essential that students, staff and visitors to our campuses know how to access these easily and the new online resources will provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for both the reporting of incidents or experiences and will also signpost users to all relevant support services.

“We hope that it will empower our community and enhance the safety and wellbeing of its members both on and off our campuses.”