Vegan on campus: best places for vegan food at Aberdeen Uni

A vegan’s guide to easy lunching in Aberdeen

Eating out as a vegan used to be a minefield. However, with one in eight people now identifying as vegan or vegetarian, many traditional food places are adding vegan options to their menus.

So, if you’ve recently completed Veganuary and are trying to stick with it, or you’re simply looking to reduce your meat consumption.

Here are some of the best places to eat vegan on campus in Aberdeen.

Food Story

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complete with perfect latte art for your insta

Food Story’s second branch appeared in the Taylor Building last semester – an entirely vegetarian and zero-waste café – and has quickly become a favourite spot for veggies and non-veggies alike. As a zero-waste café, you need to bring your own containers if you want to take away food or coffee, but it also has a snug seating area if you’d prefer to sit in. They offer a delicious selection of cold salads and pastas, (with the only one or two options not vegan-friendly), as well as hot options.

Bonus: satisfying your sweet tooth as a vegan can still be a challenge, however Food Story offers a tempting selection of cakes, ALL of which are vegan.

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annnnd now I'm hungry

Kilau Coffee

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get someone who looks at you the way I look at baguettes <3

Located on High Street, Kilau Coffee is an ideal place to grab a quick lunch between classes with a handy takeaway section as well as a cosy seating area upstairs. Kilau has a great selection of lunch staples, such as (omni-approved) salads and toasted baguettes…and their soup is always vegan-friendly!

Bonus: they also stock vegan-friendly snacks, including the much-loved Vego bar

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happy gal with her Vego bar


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Eating healthy keeps them happy!

Located in The Hub, Roots is an entirely vegetarian food outlet, which offers a daily vegan option (sometimes two) with a choice of sides. Roots is a personal favourite of mine, despite the lack of choice compared to other places on campus. The vegan option on offer is always delicious, and for the price, you get A LOT of food. You can get a main, a side (usually a mountain of sweet potato fries) and a salad, all for under £5.

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The feeling of being full until dinner is sweet (potato)

The Bobbin

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I can't choose just one?

Loved by all societies The Bobbin offers an array of vegan options – think traditional pub food with a twist. Sometimes (post-skite on a Thursday), let’s be real, a salad just isn’t going to cut it – and from nachos loaded with cheese, guacamole, salsa and mayo to their unreal Jackfruit Burger, The Bobbin has you covered.


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Grub lighting is best lighting

Located at the top of the hill on Spittal, Grub has a chill, friendly vibe that’s perfect for a long catch-up and a coffee with a pal. They have a decent vegan options in paninis or wraps which are super affordable.

Bonus: extremely dog friendly! If you give grub a visit you could meet the official grub dog, Ursula. 11/10, would pet again.

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Ursula and a fan


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Basic, but yummy

Starbucks have upped their game recently in regards to vegan options, and you can now grab a selection of ready-made meals and snacks alongside your coffee on a busy morning. Fresh fruit pots are always a winner, but they also have Deliciously Ella protein balls to keep you going through a long day.

With so many options available, it's truly easy to grab a fully vegan lunch on campus, even if you're on a tight budget. And by having a fully vegetarian food outlet and cafe on campus, Aberdeen Uni really is leading the way when it comes to plant-based eating.