Graduation fee scrapped by University of Aberdeen

Students would have to pay £45 to graduate

Today the University of Aberdeen management team decided to finally get rid of the administrative fee that students were required to pay in order to graduate.

Before this move to abolish the fee students had to pay £45 to graduate in person and £10 in absentia.

Professor George Boyne, University of Aberdeen Principal, commented on the decision saying, "We have been looking at the graduation fee in recent months and, after careful consideration of a very persuasive case put forward by the Education Officer, Donna Connelly, we have agreed to abolish it. I’m delighted to say that this comes into force with immediate effect. We’ve worked closely with Donna in the run up to our decision which is great news for our students."

This comes after a campaign advocated by AUSA's Education Officer, Donna Connelly, who has said, "Graduation is one of the best experiences of a student’s time at University and graduation fees can be an unnecessary barrier to them celebrating their achievements with their family and friends. I’m delighted to have worked with the Principal and the University to agree to the scrapping of the graduation fee. As a graduate of the University myself I know that this decision will benefit students and is a welcome step forward."

So with one less payment for your overdraft to worry about, celebrations are definitely in order! Caps off to that.