Clubbers of the Week!

How long can we continue before deadlines bury us?

The uni ball is rolling but that's not stopping Aberdeen's students from getting as many nights out in as possible before deadlines hit. I mean we still have 12 skites until exams, right?

Here's how our party-goers got on this week:

Biggest Baller:

Image may contain: Finger, Party, Night Club, Club, Human, Person

Which student can afford to spend £15 on a night out?!

Best… Stag Do?

Image may contain: Disco, Night Life, Party, Night Club, Club, Human, Person

I hope that's not the Groom in the background…

Hungriest Clubber:

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Midnight snacks were invented for a reason

Most Confused:

Image may contain: Bottle, Night Club, Club, Drink, Beer, Alcohol, Beverage, Human, Person

Which one do I make my boyfriend??

Best Boyband:

Image may contain: Skin, Electrical Device, Microphone, Leisure Activities, Karaoke, Human, Person

"Just a little something we prepared earlier"

Biggest Dickhead

Image may contain: Crowd, Home Decor, Skin, Man, Human, Face, Person

It's scarily detailed…

Best Bromance:

Image may contain: Fashion, Human, Person

True love never dies <3

Just happy to be here:

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Thumbs up if you're having fun!

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I repeat, Thumbs up if you're having fun!

The ones that are SO Done:

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"That's it, I'm going home"

Image may contain: Accessories, Glasses, Accessory, Night Life, Audience, Crowd, Night Club, Club, Party, Human, Person

"5 Minutes and then I'm off to McD's"

Image may contain: Night Club, Party, Club, Human, Person

Or maybe the night is done with him? Good luck getting this clubber home boys.

Photo Credits:

VANITY: Lauren Polson

Atik: Ruskin Fox

Carwash at The Underground Klub: Pirate Photography

Prohibition: Silver City Photography


Milk: Ruskin Fox