Here are all the ways you’ll change from first year to third year at Aberdeen uni

I wish could go back and do it all again

Studying at Aberdeen Uni has many ups and downs, however, throughout your years up north you’ll apparently “find yourself” – well that’s what they say. (Soz RGU x)

Hitting the Town

Outings in first year are the best thing since sliced bread. You’ve moved away from your local nightclub to Aberdeen’s finest UG. Double of whatever your mate is having in one hand and a VK in the other, what more could you ask for? Life is good.

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Third year outings are r-indeed quite RARE (excuse the pun). The week is already dragging from all the deadlines and assignments due and you don’t appreciate debating between pres in pro and then bouncing over to Nox with your besties or a night binge watching the newest episode of whatever's on Netflix. Nah can’t do Thursday mate, the newest episode of Riverdale is on.

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Tbh, first year outings were probably the best. Nothing mattered because we were young, wild and free. Looking back on it, it probably wasn’t a good idea to roam around Hillhead with a bottle of Strongbow looking for a flat party.

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Alcohol tolerances

No matter what year you’re in, alcohol is alcohol, and it's essential.

In first year, Jam Jar before Tunnels sounds like a good idea, but third years wouldn’t agree. Do we really have to be ready for 7pm? I saw a new recipe for dinner I'd rather make and to be honest, I cba drinking that early. I can't even bring myself to open a bottle of wine on a Friday never mind Tequila shots.

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Tea is the only thing for me

Attending lectures

Going to lectures in first year we were stylish, eager and ready to learn. Writing every, single word the lecture covers. No classes are to be missed and notes are to be written up.

Third years? Not so much. Its possible to stress about the stress you're under. If anyone needs me – I’ll be on the third floor of the lib x

Mid Day Naps

Before uni, I would never think of taking a day nap. Now, I plan my day around them.

In from a long day at uni? Nap. Bad day? Nap. Naps just fix everything and now my life wouldn't be the same without my afternoon snooze. As they say, you regret 100 per cent of the naps you don't take.

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End of year

OMG, it's been a year?? Exams plz hurry so I can jet off to "ooh ah Malia" with my pals from home!! Or maybe go travelling with my uni pals? Either way, exams move over and say hello to sun, sea and a big sesh!

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Third year me is praying that this year isn’t over as I have to go home and resume my normal life. As much as this year has stressed me out, I will kind of miss the library being my second home.

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In all seriousness, uni has made me realise that I have changed since leaving sixth form. I've been able to live on my own, with the help of my mum on FaceTime of course, making me do my washing and forcing me to go to Morrison's to do the shop. Fair enough, I had to grow up, but uni made me realise its not all that bad and I'm not actually kinda looking forward to the future.

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