Someone dressed as Gandalf was spotted in Sir Duncan Rice Library

His sign read ‘You shall not pass’

On Tuesday, a man dressed as Gandalf was spotted in Sir Duncan Rice library, holding a sign telling stressed students “you shall not pass”.

AU student Emma Reid caught the wizard on camera and posted the video on Facebook. Emma told The Aberdeen Tab: “So basically I was just studying for my EU law exam which was yesterday and there was an eruption of laughter coming from one of the tables behind us, next thing you know Gandalf’s cutting about with his sign.

“I honestly was absolutely buckled, thought it must’ve some sort of prank! So at that point I just grabbed my phone and started recording. I sent it into my group chat and one of my pals said that I should totally post it online so a day later here we are!

“The reaction I’ve had from it is crazy and I hope everyone got a good laugh out of it, it’s needed especially round exam time”.

The video now has almost 66,000 views and has been shared by just almost 500 people, most of whom are students at Aberdeen University and were just as confused as Emma.

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