I revisited the late-night Ross bakery sober and now I’m besties with the owners

The night out ended with a selection of pastries

What does the soul crave at the end of a night out in Aberdeen? You guessed it, a macaroni pie.

One of my favourite nights out just had to be talked about. Was it because of the club I went to? No. The company? Despite being amazing, nope. Level of intoxication? Definitely not. It was because of what I called the 'Midnight Bakery'.

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Two v happy girls about to be even happier

After doing some digging it seems my friend and I finished our night out with a trek up Union Street. With a lot of in-heels hobbling we got to A. R. Ross & Son Bakery at 2:15 in the morning.

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Have you ever seen opening times like that before?? We don't get that back home

The Bakery experience seemed almost like a dream to me. But the morning after, I woke up next to a half eaten yum yum and realised it was all very much real.

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I chose to save half of it for later. I regretted my choice in the morning.

From the evidence (a very crumpled receipt) I realised I had bought myself a three-course meal. Disgraceful. To start, a sausage roll because that's what I'd get back home in my favourite bakery. For the main, a macaroni pie, I was obviously heavily influenced by my Scottish friend. I'd never even eaten one before that. And for desert a yum yum, I must admit that one was all me.

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Some confusing flashbacks proved one thing, I had to go back sober and retrace our drunken steps.

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I was shocked when I first saw it again. The Ross Bakery has had a complete re-vamp over the summer and is a lot more modern!

After going inside and repeating my night out order, I was lucky enough to meet the current owner of the bakery, Dave. After explaining my reasons for visiting he decided to give me a mini tour.

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The cutest dad 'n' lad combo

The Ross Bakery has been open now for 64 years and was passed from Dave's father to him as the start of a tradition. Dave introduced me to his son, Simon, whom he hopes will later become the owner of the establishment.

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Simon showed me his nightshift prep that feeds us students. Heads up they do 10% Student Discount on a Wednesday…

Going back I re-bought everything I had during my last visit to retry. The results? Individually they're great. Having all three back to back? What I was thinking that night I really couldn't tell you.

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Dave wanted you to know that they do veggie options, so there is something for everyone!

Firstly I retried the sausage roll, it was familiar and enjoyable. So it definitely got a pass from me. The macaroni pie was… I'm going to say dense. Two bites and I was done eating. I see why I never got through my dessert last time now.

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I dared to open it on Union Street for this pic. Plz appreciate the struggle

And finally the yum yum was delightful! Everything you need when you're craving something sweet.

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My guilty pleasure, it's a problem.

All in all I would recommend both sober and at the end of a night out! My only advice: try to reign yourself in. Everything looks so pretty in there, they've even added a new ice cream machine! So be careful, you may fall victim to biting off a lot more than you can chew…