Halloween costumes you can throw together at the last minute for a tenner

Got a black T-shirt? Got a costume.

Stop crying about your uneven whiskers for your basic cat costume and get inspired by these easy outfits all under £15, we've even linked the products! Gotta make that student loan last, yo.

Any Animal (literally)

From a plain t-shirt you can turn yourself into a cat, a dog, a mouse and many more. Use eyeliner to draw on a nose and whiskers, cut out paper ears and stick them on a headband, maybe go a little wild and make a tail. This makes the perfect simple costume while looking like you made some effort. It’s a major bonus animal print is in this season, stand out in some spots!

Top (any colour): £2, Primark

Eyeliner: £2, Superdrug

Headband: £1, Poundland

Coloured Card: £2.50, Hobbycraft

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WARNING: Your tail won't survive the night

A Mummy

A Halloween classic is dressing as a scary mummy. Simply achieve the look by wrapping toilet paper around yourself and avoid rain. People will get your costume instantly, making jokes about how you’re the “mummy” of the group.

You’ll laugh along but soon have the realisation that your 500 miles from your family and you don’t call your parents to tell them you love them half as much as you should. You’ll be having a meltdown over missing your mummy by 10:30. Now that’s truly terrifying.

Toilet paper : £1, Tesco

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Who's your mummy

Student Debt

Nothing’s scarier than a shit load of debt you've built up over your time studying! This costume is guaranteed to freak out your friends, reminding them that in reality there is no such thing as free money. The only accessory you’ll need is a bucket to collect the tears of broke students as there will be many. So simple yet effective.

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Terrifying I know

Black Top: £2 from Primark

Black Cape (for a spooky effect): £2.99 from Ebay

Bucket (of student tears): 50p from Asda


One of our biggest fears is rejection by someone patching or blocking you, therefore ghosting is the perfect Halloween costume. All you have to do is dodge that match from Tinder that was creepily keen to meet or the ok looking one that you’re not ready to commit to. It’s the perfect excuse to ignore the people that annoy you the most; I’m not being rude, I’m just dedicated to my costume.

White Sheet: £3.99, Argos

White Face Paint: £3, Superdrug

Felt cute, might delete later x


A student’s worst nightmare is uni Wi-Fi. With the service constantly down and your device “unable to connect” it’s terrifying when an assignment is due. The key part of this outfit is making sure the bars on the Wi-Fi signal symbol portray the shit serviced you receive on a regular basis. You can turn this outfit as a couple’s costume, with a partner dressing as Eduroam’s worst fear; an illegally downloaded copy of Shrek or Chicken Run.

White Top: £2, Primark

Colour markers: £1.80, Asda

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1 bar feels

A Devil

Although popular a devil is a spooktacular costume for Halloween. The outfit can easily be spiced up by adding a shorts and a red top or made casual with jeans or a skirt. Whatever decision you make horns and a tail are key to this outfit! Maybe go for a different approach by painting yourself red and face the possibility of turning up to your 9am hungover and dyed.

Red top: £3.99 H&M

Shorts: £4, Primark

Devil horns and tail: £3, Tesco

Red face paint: £3.20, Hobby Craft

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You'll be raising hell all night


You'll get a bunch of laughs with this costume. Stock up on balloons and stick them onto any outfit and that's you ready to go. Sitting in the taxi may be a struggle with the
balloons though.

Balloons: £1, Tesco

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Is it cannibalism if I drink wine in this costume?

A Clown

You probably feel like a clown in your classes anyway, so why not look like one. Steer away from the killer side and focus on the fun side of clowns this Halloween. This costume will still give people the creeps, coulrophobia is real. Add a red nose to a painted face and rosy cheeks to achieve the cute clown look, oversized circus clown shoes aren’t on trend. A tutu is a nice addition to the outfit, selling clown couture.

White top: £2, Primark

Red nose: £2, Ebay

White face paint: £3, Superdrug

Red face paint: £3.20, Hobby Craft

Tutu: £3.95, Ebay

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Pennywise? I don't know her

Dead *insert person/occupation here*

Ran out of inspiration and money? Buying a shit ton of fake blood is the answer. By adding fake blood to any outfit you can create any outfit you desire, just accept that the clothes are potentially ruined forever. From deceased athlete who was killed by a shot to the face or a party girl back for revenge, the options are endless. If you can only find a little fake blood Mia Wallace with a bleeding nose is a good and simple alternative, who doesn’t have a white shirt and black trousers?

Fake blood: £2, Superdrug

Own clothes that you're prepared to ruin: Free

Image may contain: Clothing, Blouse

The washing will be a bloody nightmare

Where's Wally?

Image may contain: Sink, Person, People, Human

where r u

Classic. If you get lost in the club, your friends can have a big (drunk) nostalgic games night trying to find you. It's universal, everyone knows him, so everyone can join in (and retrieve you in record time).

Red and White stripe top : £5, New Look

Red Hat : £1.95, Amazon

Round Glasses : £1.89, Ebay

Make sure you have a super spooky night in whatever costume you choose. You'll promise yourself you'll be organised next year both you secretly know that's not going to happen.

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