‘Customers can help the environment by purchasing a cup of coffee’: The first zero-waste cafe on campus

Foodstory Zero opened last week

Serving ethically sourced coffee and organic vegetarian food with the aim of producing zero waste, the second of a chain of popular local cafes Foodstory opened its doors on Aberdeen uni campus last week.

The difference? Students and staff will need to bring or buy a container and a cup to take away food and coffee, all of which is gluten-free and locally produced. The cafe even provides a sink for costumers to wash their utensils and fill up water bottles.

The cafe also shares tips on living with zero waste as well as some seriously yummy food pics on their Instagram account's @foodstoryscotland and @foodstory.zero.

Keep your eyes peeled on their story where tell you when leftover food will be going for free at the end of the day – in the true spirit of zero waste!

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Get in my belly

The pricing for the new student spot is also super affordable with hot pots and chilli reduced to £1 nearing closing time and freshly brewed coffee starting at just £1.20, now that is my cup of tea.

No worries if you forget your cups and containers, along with the option to buy you can sit in as Food Story Zero has a row of outdoor tables, along with its indoor seating and is currently in negotiations with the university to create an additional area with a heated canopy.

Co-owner Sandy McKinnon told the Aberdeen Tab: "My business partner Lara Bishop and myself set up Zero to offer the community in Old Aberdeen a small slice of Foodstory but it also allowed us to explore the concept of reducing the amount of waste that food businesses have on a daily basis.

"We felt that by setting up a zero waste cafe, focusing on zero packaging, we could start the journey to helping the environment in our own small way and that our customers can as well by simply purchasing a cup of coffee or eating lunch.

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"Foodstory’s core values have always been about the community, healthy food and the environment and Zero has allowed us to explore this concept further and what better place to do it than with students and a positive thinking university as our early adopters."

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With the ever looming global warming scare it's reassuring to have a cafe on campus spreading the word and making sustainable living a piece of cake (literally).