All the things you can do in Aberdeen WITHOUT DRINKING ANY ALCOHOL

Perfect for sober October

Let's face it, Aberdeen isn't exactly the bustling social hub of Scotland, especially because it rains all the time. It can be difficult to think of ways to pass the time if not with a horrendous Netflix original and a bag of stale Tesco value popcorn.

After the boozer that was September, you might be looking for something a little less alcohol-related to do, you know, just to let your liver recover in time for refreshers in January. In fact, recent research suggests that one in five students is teetotal.

Whether you're hanging out your arse, or booze simply just isn't your thing, there are more than enough ways to entertain yourself in the Granite City.

Go to a new cafe or restaurant

Any student who's been in Aberdeen for more than a couple of years will tell you that the city's food game has come on leaps and bounds in the past year. We've now got everything; from infamous chains like Miller and Carter and All Bar One, to quirky little hangouts like Foodstory and Long Dog Cafe.

You can miss Vanity just this once and save those pennies for a nice Sunday lunch with your flatmates.

Challenge your flatmates at Codonas

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Much more wholesome than The Beers™

It may look like a run down theme park, but a trip to Codona's is genuinely a pretty fun way to spend a day. If it's a nice day you could challenge your pals to a game of crazy golf, or head there on a stormy evening and show off your horrendous bowling skills.

Waste any coins you might have lying around in the arcade and kid yourself that you might win that oversized teddy you don't need. To top it all off, they've got student discounts left, right and centre.

Catch a flick at the cinema

Seems like an obvious choice for a gloomy day, but Aberdeen actually has a fair few options in terms of seeing films on the big screen. There are the classic big chains like Vue on Union Street or Cineworld on Beach Boulevard, as well as venues like Belmont Filmhouse showing less mainstream films.

Again, you can usually bag yourself some pretty good student deals, so treat yo'self and upgrade from watching illegally downloaded films on your thirteen inch MacBook.

Head to the beach

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No beer here, no sir

It may not be the weather for sunbathing, but a blustery walk along the beach can sometimes be all you need to clear your head and get a much needed break from studying.

We're lucky enough to be spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches up here. If you're looking for a quick walk, head to Beach Boulevard. If you fancy a slightly longer trip, Balmedie is always a hit.

Check out some Nuart

You may have noticed a lot of street art popping up around the city centre, which is a godsend for a city as grey as ours. It's not an accident, but in fact part of a council-backed campaign, allowing both local and international artists to brighten up the city.

On the Nuart webiste you can find more information about everything that's going on, city maps showing where you can find all the artwork, and even guided tours.

Window shop 'til you drop

Aberdeen's shopping scene is surprisingly decent and well situated across a couple of shopping centres on either side of Union Street. It doesn't matter if you're the most skint you've ever been in your entire life, just window shopping and having a wander is a pleasant way of spending as afternoon.

Pair a shopping trip with dinner or a movie and you've planned a perfect day off.

Take a trip to Stonehaven

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What even is a beer?

Aberdonian students go on about Stonehaven quite a lot, but for good reason. Whether it's for the epic award winning fish and chips from The Bay, one of Aunty Betty's legendary ice creams or to get a classic insta in front of Dunnottar Castle, it's definitely worth a visit. It's about a twenty minute drive out of Aberdeen, or a short train joruney if you're not lucky enough to have a flatmate comma personal taxi service.

Stroll through Duthie park

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Perfect for a beer free gram

If you've ever seen photos of your Aberdeen pals beside giant cacti and thought where the hell is that??', worry no more, this is the place. On a nice day Duthie park is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll, and the botanical gardens are an excellent way of escaping the inevitable chill in the air. If there aren't too many kids around, be sure to have a go on one of the giant slides too.

Get your game on at the Bobbin

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Okay there is a beer in this but ignore it

There's a lot more going on at the Bobbin than simply decent drinks near the uni. Every Sunday they have a pub quiz, usually with a themed bonus round, there are tonnes of board games you can borrow and of course loads of options for yummy nibbles while you play.

It's right across the road from the uni, so why not arrange to meet your friends there one evening for a games night after a day of hellish lectures.

Aberdeen gets a bad rep for not having much to do, but if you look hard enough there are loads of ways to entertain yourself without breaking the bank or further damaging your internal organs with alcohol.