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Remember that time we tried to elect a cat as rector?

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We told you all about it. Sadly it didn’t work out for Buttons, but at the time he seemed like the best of a bad bunch.

We also demonstrated just how boring Aberdonian students are by cocaine swabbing the almighty Sir Duncan Rice library.

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Although we didn’t find anything, at least it’s something you can tell your parents. ‘Don’t worry mum, Aberdeen uni isn’t like that, just take a look at this Tab article as proof.’

Each and every year we let you nominate and vote for a new BNOC.

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We’ve all got that mate who takes it too far on every night out, who misses a deadline in the name of Skite and who seriosuly deserves some recognition for it. You could give them a feeling of worth, because their grades certainly will not.

All you have to do to sign up is click this link to create an account, and we will get you writing right away. Come on, you know you want to…