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Revealed: Aberdeen Uni saved over £350,000 during the UCU strikes

Probs due to all the VKs they didn’t have to buy

The University of Aberdeen saved over £350,000 when the UCU strike action was being carried out.

Despite this massive saving, the university are unsure as to what they'll be spending this money on yet.

A Freedom of Information request by The Tab has revealed that 224 staff members took part in the four weeks of strikes, which cost the university a total of £363,619.34.

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The strike action at Aberdeen caused great uproar, and led to student-ran protests. It was around this time that a video surfaced which showed a member of staff tackling a protesting student to the ground, causing great controversy.

We contacted the university to ask them how much they saved in this period, and wanted to know what they plan to spend their 363k on.

They responded saying that "no expenditure decisions have yet been taken".

We also asked them how many examination arrangements ended up getting disrupted as a result of the industrial action, whether this be in terms of room changes or invigilator changes.

Given that the strike action fell outside of their "formal examination diet", they claimed that there was "no disruption to the diet", despite many pupils facing disruption "at an individual course level".

The university however didn't regard individual work as a "formal examination", so didn't address that when approached.