Aberdeen’s 2018 BNOC: Round two

ding ding round 2 here we go

The search for Aberdeen's 2018 BNOC has begun with Round One and here is the second round of ladies and gentlemen that will be looking for your vote.

Eilidh Stewart

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Year: 1st

Course: Politics & IR

Reason for being a BNOC: When she got stuck at the front of the barrier on a very busy tunnels night she decided to pee herself. After being taken home by her friends she woke up the next morning to an alarm for a psychology experiment – still drunk and running late she grabbed any clothes she had on the floor and ran to her class.

The experiment consisted of her sitting alone with the experimenter, reading a book. There was a really bad smell, so bad that both commented on it, until she realised that she was wearing her pee stained jeans from last night.

Adam Butler

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Year: 4th

Course: Economics

Reason for being a BNOC: Adam is either seen smoking outside the library or seen in Tunnels & many know him as the guy with the Rare Thursday tattoo. He is also one of the co-founders of Elmfest Events Ltd.

"Am no a BNOC, if I won I would definitely use my new position of power to try exert some kind of influence on Scottish politics".

Anya McCrimmon

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Year: 1st

Course: Politics & IR with German

Reason for being a BNOC: Anya broke her back in an accident, and now uses it to her advantage getting free drinks, she never misses a Wednesday night at Underground, and she says that those nights are “what [she’s] living for, they are the only thing keeping me alive”.

Anya has also been seen to do all nighters in the library whilst hungover from her Skite nights plus made a viral meme that got itself into Buzzfeed.

Luke Thorley

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Year: 4th

Course: Zoology

Reason for being a BNOC: Luke is 6ft5 but the friendliest of giants you’ll ever meet. Luke is also renowned for the classic line ‘I’m gonna fail this I’m so stressed’ then gets an A every time. He loves a night out before a 9am presentation.

Once Luke was so drunk on a pub crawl he got found passed out over a wall and two weeks later his friend got a phone call from a stranger who turns out bought Luke's phone off of a prostitute.