Aberdeen’s 2018 BNOC: Round one

It’s back!

Aberdeen's BNOC competition of the year is back, and it's bigger and better than ever. Nominations have been flooding in over the past couple of weeks and the best of the best are ready for your vote.

Campus celebrities, those people you always see in VIP, and all round legends, we have them all. Take your pick from Round 1 and get ready for Round 2 …

Dan Leggett

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Year: 3rd

Course: Pharmacology

Reason for being a BNOC: RARE resident DJ extraordinaire, after party fiend and general big rig big name kind of guy. He plays at all the biggest clubs and house parties in Aberdeen and is widely known because of it.

He has a "RGWho" tattoo along with the ABDN snow logo tattoo. Dan can often be found in The Bobbin with his bleach blonde highlights and supreme dungarees chinning pints.

"I'd say with my new found fame I'd hopefully get more folk down to tunnels. Maybe a victory parade down union street in an open top bus if the money comes with the fame."

Frederic Bayer

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Year: 2nd

Course: Divinity & Gaelic Studies

Reason for being a BNOC: Frederic is involved in most University things you can think of, student councillor, president of two societies, one of the SRAs at Hillhead, and everyone bumps into him at The Bobbin.

"What would I do with my fame? Well, only a handful of people know this about me but I'm actually a huge fan of otters, so I guess I'd encourage people to donate to the International Otter Survival Fund (yes, I promise you that's a thing!)"

Claire Twist

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Year: 2nd

Course: Animal Behaviour

Reason for being a BNOC: Claire once stood at the entrance to the club shaking everyone's hand and tried to add them on Facebook, that's how nice and friendly this gal Claire is.

"With my new found fame I’d expect nothing less than a trail of followers abiding to my every need. No I’m just kidding haha, I wouldn’t do anything different I’d just keep making people smile."

Lochie Morris

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Year: 5th

Course: Mechanical Engineering

Reason for being a BNOC: This guy is supposedly friends with every person on campus and is a man of the people.

There's a rumour that one time at a flat party, Lochie put his dick in the freezer and it gave everybody a "good laugh".

"I wouldn’t say a BNOC but I would say I know a lot of people.If I won it then I would make my birthday a bank holiday".