New alcohol laws won’t affect the price of booze in Aberdeen bars and clubs

No club is going to charge you more for a VK

A law is being enforced which means that the minimum unit price (MUP) for alcohol is 50p from today in Scotland.

This means cheap booze with a high alcohol content now costs a lot more, with cider and own-brand vodka seeing the biggest rise in price.

However, Tab Aberdeen can confirm that Institute, Nox, The Bobbin, Unit 51, Jam Jar and Exodus will not be upping their prices as a result of the law, which is mainly affecting shops.

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The aim of the law is to reduce the number of alcohol related deaths in Scotland, which is currently 24 every week.

Jam Jar, said: "It will be a while before we see the effects of [the law], but for now we are sticking to the same current pricing schedule."