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Where you study in Sir Duncan Rice, and what it says about you as a person

Please mind The Holeᵀᴹ

As exam season approaches, the vast majority of us are holed up in the library, alternating between studying and crying.

Everyone has their go to study spot at Sir Duncan Rice, but for the freshers that stick to the first floor, here's what to expect when you head for the Rice Cube

1st Floor

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Shh please

Underground stamped first years and people who are too lazy to go up a flight of stairs sit here in a mess of subway meal deals and C6s.

Due to their proximity to The Holeᵀᴹ, everyone else can hear their conversations about their incredible night at Carwash and resents them for it.

Please keep it down, the rest of us have actual exams to do.

Silent Study Rooms

Just eat your crisps downstairs

If you're in a silent study room, you've probably procrastinated until the very last minute and decided some solitude might kick start your revision.

As a result, you'll find yourself surrounded by 3rd and 4th years who actually want to work, and they'll silently glare at you as you plug in your laptop and look pointedly at the "no eating sign" that you've ignored.

The room smells of red bull and stress, and everyone in there can't wait to leave so they can talk again

Group Work Tables

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Night at the Round Tables

At the round tables near the lifts sit the slackers who are absolutely not doing group work. They've clearly come in past 12 and haven't been able to find a table with a plug.

Like our friends on the first floor, their conversations carry across the floor, along with the smell of their snacks (massive packets of crisps and meal deals from The Hub)

However, they will probably leave once their laptops have died, along with their debates on which night at Tunnels is the most banging

Co-Lab Cubicles

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This photo is evidence that sometimes these tables are free

There is a myth that if you get to Sir Duncan Rice before 10, you might actually be able to sit at one of these.

If you do, you'll be able to enjoy the rare luxury that is a spinny chair, along with the superiority that comes with having a monitor

Unfortunately, these tables are usually taken one guy and his Apple Mac, with the other three chairs holding his various possessions

On behalf of everyone, please let us have a go on the spinny chairs

Window Seats

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They grey looks especially beautiful here

Here, among mountains of books and empty food wrappers, sit the mildly stressed who don't want to sit beside their friends because they're being too loud.

The window seats are chosen due to their proximity to books and their uninspiring views, which could bore even the most distracted student.

From here you can take in Aberdeen's most prominent features: the grey, and the vast amount of seagulls

The Cafeteria

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No plugs, but at least there's meal deals!

The seats at the cafeteria on the ground floor are specially reserved for everyone that says "I'm going to the library" but really just wants a meal deal

This is mostly social sciences students who have gone to their one lecture a day and decided they'll "go and be productive"

Here, they feel productive because they've actually made it out the house, but still stay close enough to food that they aren't missing their reheated Khyber Pass takeaway from last night