Garage Aberdeen closes its doors

Shock horror

There have been good times and there have been ‘what happened last night’ times, but there is no doubt that Garage has seen a lot(!)

From Vengaboys, Joey Essex and the Geordie Shore cast to live shows from Scouting For Girls, and Alien Ant Farm. It has seen medics from all over Scotland party together, and the antics of the renowned Rugby Boys.

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Garage have said, "We would like to thank everyone who has been involved over the past 6 years, the staff, the various management teams, the promoters, but most of all thank you to the customers, the ones who made The Garage Aberdeen such a great place to party!

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To finish with a bang there are various weekend events up until the official close:

27th April – Campus Reunion Night, with beer pong, FREE PIZZA and cheesy tunes. The same Saturday will see Rave or Die, complete with glow sticks and foam batons.

4th May – Moshulu Reunion Night, which will see Garage bringing back the epic DJs from Moshulu one last time.

5th May – End of an Era Party, where the best songs of the past 6 years will be played – definitely a must for a little throw-back dance.

6th May – Official Closing Party , finishing the weekend and their time in Aberdeen, with all drinks £1.50 and a 3am finish. Hit the nostalgia button and dance the stresses of exam season away.

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