Fee-paying Aberdeen students have started a petition to get a refund due to the strikes

They want their money back

Students at Aberdeen University who pay fees have started a petition to refund their tuition as a result of strike action.

The students are sending around an electronic form for the university appeals process, asking for all university students to add their details.

They hope to get fee-paying students a full refund for any tuition missed over the period of UCU strikes.

Charles Alan, an international second year student, said: "I stand in full support of the strikers. However, as someone who pays international tuition fees, I feel that I am losing out on a lot of money.

"I took out a loan to come here and I will have to pay that back with interest one day, and so any money that I spent for an education that I did not receive should be returned. The same goes for every student in the same position as me."

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Those requesting a refund include RUK (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) and international students.

Currently, funds which have been deducted from striking lecturers' pay have been put into a student hardship fund, which international students are not allowed to use.

A third year international History student, said: "As a student with a loan to pay back, I almost find it insulting that we are not considered for a hardship fund yet our education costs us over then thousand pounds per year."

The GoogleDoc currently has 20 signatures.