University of Aberdeen students are occupying outside Vice Chancellor’s office

The students are in solidarity with striking staff.

Students have been occupying the management building for the last hour since the UCU vote rejected UUK's proposed agreement over pension changes.

AUSA have sent multiple emails to students today saying that they are still standing with and supporting lecturers as this dispute goes on.

Lewis Macleod, Communities Officer at AUSA said:

"The working conditions of staff are the learning conditions of students. That's why it's essential that students organise solidarity with our striking staff – through working together we can win this dispute.”

Nicoline Kure, a 3rd year student and AUSA Women and Non-Binary Officer, has said:

“Our University has failed to support students and staff, with the institution threatening to dock pay from staff taking action short of a strike, and penalising students for refusing to cross picket lines.

This is simply unacceptable, and we are protesting to show solidarity with our staff who continue to be undermined and undervalued.”

Occupiers have issued 7 key demands for the University which include: no docking of pay for any staff members taking action short of a strike (ASOS); return of strike pay for all UCU members and no further penalties; a committent to resist any future pension cuts and to rule out compulsory redundancies.

No staff to have to reschedule any work; to enforce a permanent 8:1 pay ratio with no bonuses for senior management; no penalisation for any student for not crossing a picket line; and an end to precarious employment contracts and casualisation.

Staff and students are still waiting to hear a retraction from Senior Vice-Principle Mike Greaves, who emailed all students the wrong information this morning saying the strikes were over.