A guide on how to be unproductive during the Aberdeen lecture strikes

I mean you could be smart and revise

As we all know, lecture strikes will be taking place at Aberdeen Uni across the next couple of weeks. AUSA is in support of the strike, stating that “we believe that our lecturers deserve fair pay and conditions, and recognise the long-term negative effects these pension cuts will have on the quality of students”.

Although the university is still open, and students are still urged to go to campus, we thought of a few better ways to spend your time.

Throw a party in an empty lecture theatre

It's not like there will be anyone there to stop you. We all love to throw a party – especially when its forbidden.

We recommend the Taylor Building. You would look at your 9am totally differently if you knew that when you were going to get there it would be a total VK and tune fest.

We propose a 9am techno rave in Meston and a 1pm RnB rave in the Hub, make your Monday that little bit brighter.

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Sick of having to leave at half 8 then getting to uni for nine to five just to find that the only seat left in William Guild is the one right up the back?

Take this time to catch up on a few extra hours and stay in bed to support our staff (and your own sleeping pattern).

It is scientifically proven that uni students need at least 14 hours of sleep a day, I'm pretty sure that's the right statistic anyway.

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Hit the town

We've all heard the infamous phrase from our friend who promised they’d go out “next week” because they've "got a 9am" and then bailed or tried to sit it out. Well now they have literally no excuse.

With these strikes you can party hard until sunrise at Mansion Mondays or Thursday nights at Nox.

With that said, uni responsibilities never seem to stop any of us Aberdonian partiers before, but at least we can now tell our mums that we've got the next day off.

Pick up a few extra shifts

Now this doesn't sound like the most fun, but it does mean that you will earn more money in order to have fun in the future. It's all about the big picture guys.

For those of us who unfortunately weren’t born millionaires can pick up a few extra shifts to make more cash, without having to give up our Saturday nights.

Take a day trip

If you are sick of the same constant routine and environment, why not do something out of the ordinary like go for a walk on a sunny day, maybe even one that mysteriously leads you to the Bobbin or BrewDog, who knows?

But for a clear of the head kind of walk, there are plenty of treks inside and outside of the city. I'd recommend a trip to Stonehaven and Dunnottar Castle. The castle is for the fittest of the fit considering the hills, hills and more hills, but 10/10 would recommend.

Definitely pick up an ice cream while you're there too. And some fish and chips. And a hot chocolate.

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Go give your parents a hug

An extra long weekend means that some of us could go home and get our laundry done oops I mean see our parents. Why not book a last-minute bus/train/flight home?

You don't have to pretend to be strong, we all miss home every now and again. At home you can catch up with family and friends, visit some of the old haunts, enjoy a nice home-cooked meal and maybe even fit in a sesh.

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Turn the campus into a student playground

Aberdeen University’s campus is big. We’ve got multiple buildings and a lot of space, so let's take it over.

There is a whole world of potential, from it being the perfect set up for a classic game of hide and seek, to hosting an all-day dave. Taylor car-park is the smoking area of course, the bar will cover the entirety of Kings Pitches.

They did say that students are encouraged to come to campus after all didn't they, so BYOB.

Support your lecturers

This one is not unproductive. Whether you like it or not you will be affected by the strikes, so you might as well get involved and help towards a positive outcome.

Our lecturers are on strike for a reason, they’re protesting to protect their pension and as their students we should support them. We can all help our lecturers by showing our own protest.

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They help us out, now it's our chance to give something back.

The most basic thing you can do to you support your lecturers in the coming weeks is to not cross the picket line at Aberdeen University.