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Rector candidate launches transphobia row after pledging to stop gender neutral bathrooms

Candidate Angus Hepburn: “I want to protect us”.

A rector candidate for the University of Aberdeen has sparked accusations of transphobia after stating that the increase in gender neutral bathrooms was coming from an ideology that was "dangerous" and "must be stopped".

The comments were made by candidate Angus Hepburn at rector hustings held at the University on Monday, and were met with a rebuttal from an audience member.

When asked on his stance on gender neutral bathrooms he said that he would "make sure that that does not progress" should he be elected.

Members of the LGBTQ+ community and activists alike have branded the comments transphobic, and have criticised the University for allowing Hepburn to run.

Activist Myshele Haywood shared a video depicting the incident with a comment stating "this is full on hate speech. The rector is supposed to represent ALL students."

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In the video we see the candidate be challenged by an audience member asking "what about non-binary people, like me?" to which Hepburn responded "he already has like seven toilets".

Hepburn also vowed to "protect" the students on campus from gender neutral bathrooms, stating "I'm going to protect men, I'm going to protect women" from "having to worry about some policies that are not popular and are coming from an ideology which is dangerous and must be stopped".

The Aberdeen University LGBTQ+ Society has also criticised the comments, stating: "it segregates a section of people making victims into villians. Question isn't about protecting men or women. It's about protecting everyone's rights."

"Hearing transphobic language at the hustings is just unacceptable, the role of a rector is supposed to bring people closer together, not to divide us further."

Angus Hepburn responded to the accusations against him with:

"We do not need the worry of a sexual adult from the opposite sex in multi occupancy bathrooms. They are fabricating words for their twisted agenda".