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Whether you’re single, loved up or unsure, we’ve got your V-Day in Aberdeen sorted

Live out your Aberdreams this Valentines

Depending on your relationship status, the thought of Valentines Day can fill you with love for your significant other, or with dread at the prospect of not being able to navigate Tesco without being assaulted by a sickening display of pink cards and teddy bears.

Deciding what to do on the day itself can be difficult and potentially fraught with with arguments. Do you take a stroll along the Aberdeen Beach Front, go for a romantic meal for two, or stay in bed scrolling through Tinder until your fingers bleed?

But do not fear; whether single, coupled up or not entirely sure, this is your Valentines Day in Aberdeen sorted.

Single as fuck

9:00AM: Who are you kidding, you're not up at this time.

11:00 AM: Having made the most of the Valentines Day deals on chocolate the day before, take a morning to yourself in bed. Simply relax and settle yourself down with a film of your choice.

If you're feeling a bit lonely, I would recommend 2014 mystery-thriller "Gone Girl". It'll put you off relationships for a while.

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This is where the magic happens

1:00 PM: By some incredible stroke of luck, Feb the 14th is on a Wednesday this year, which means Wing Wednesday at The Bobbin!

At only 25p per wing, you can send yourself into a serious food coma for £5. Wings not your thing? The Bobbin are also doing 25p pancakes for Pancake Week, unreal.

3:00 PM: At this point I would suggest you make the most of our beautiful campus, and go for a solo stroll around the historic Kings College.

Get a pal to do a little photo shoot of you looking fabulous. Who says it can't be yourself you're loving this year?

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Elphin-lone Hall

7:00 PM: While all the couples are out wining and dining each other, swap the classy wine and heels for vodka and flats, because you're going to Skite.

Loved Up

11:00 AM: Being a couple, you've probably woken up together on Feb the 14th. Being students, you probably haven't gotten each other anything.

One of you will probably suggest having breakfast in bed, you will both probably regret it. Crumbs everywhere.

3:00PM: After brushing away the crumbs, a romantic stroll along beach is called for. it's hard to beat the serene calm of the ocean while walking hand in hand with your significant other.

Rub your relationship in the face of any unsuspecting singles by writing your initials in the sand, encircled by a heart. Add a "4 ever" to really send the message home.

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Your aim should be to make single people feel as lonely as possible

7:00 PM: Going out to a restaurant for dinner is expensive, tiring and most importantly, you can't wear your pyjamas. Why not eat in instead?

Take advantage of Morrison's brilliant £15 Valentines Day meal deal, which includes two mains, sides and a bottle of wine. You can feel classy yet not stay too far away from a bed (wink wink).

9:00 PM: You'll probably end up going to Skite anyway.

Not Quite Sure

11:00 AM: Like the couples, one of you has probably stayed over the night before. Unlike the couples, this probably wasn't intentional. Once you both realise what day it is, try and immediately forget.

Stay in bed, eat chocolate and avoid any awkward conversations.

3:00PM: The beach isn't just for couples, so go for a walk along the sand together. Just don't hold hands, and maybe add a question mark after your initials in the sand.

7:00 PM: Here is when you'll probably part ways. Thank each other for the lovely day, and say you'll see each other at Skite, where you'll probably end up repeating the whole process again.

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Vodka optional, regret necessary

So there you have it. Whether you're single, in a relationship or unsure, you'll probably be going to Skite on Valentines Day.