Uni authorities deny Buttons the cat’s Rector nomination

He just missed it by a whisker

Buttons' campaign team have announced their appeal to make the cat Rector has been unsuccessful.

Even after an appeal and online petition to install a cat as Rector, students were disappointed to not see Buttons' name on the candidate list.

If you missed it, a group of students at the University of Aberdeen became dissatisfied with the current Rector election so they then starting campaigning for a cat to become Rector.

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A campaign spokesperson said: "It is with great sadness that I must inform you all that the views of the Committee have been taken and the appeal for Buttons nomination fails.

"As you can imagine, Buttons and all of us on his human campaign team are devastated."

However, with over 200 students engaging with the Facebook page and over 300 signing the petition, Buttons' team announced that their story does not end here.

It seems that Buttons has captured the heart of Aberdeen, and maybe even the nation with many national newspapers picking up the cat's story.

As well as Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh tweeting his support saying, "Buttons needs help".

The election hustings are coming up on the 19th of February and Buttons' team are adamant that their voice will still be heard and are urging students to email the election committee showing their support for Buttons.

A spokesperson said: "If you feel like all the other candidates do not represent your views, then stand up for Buttons.

"If we can learn anything from the last election, there is something fundamentally wrong with the relationship between students and university management and Buttons might very well be the way to remedy that."

Another political cat Bitches, based in Chicago, also tweeted their support saying that their family supports Buttons.

The campaign team for Buttons are going to be featured on the Kaye Adams Programme on BBC Radio Scotland tomorrow to talk more about their protest.

The team want all students who support Buttons to email [email protected] to let the University know that the students want change.

The catdidate that never was.