Racist and homophobic graffiti found throughout Kings Campus

Students are urged to come forward with information

Graffiti including "racial, political and homophobic written statements and emblems" has been found throughout Kings Campus at Aberdeen University.

The graffiti has been described as having "the potential to cause offence and distress to students and staff."

However, it is currently unknown what the graffiti contains.

Image may contain: Worship, Church, Cathedral, Castle, Building, Architecture

Keith Campbell, Head of Security and Portering of the University's Estates and Facilities, said: "The behaviour is unacceptable, and very likely to constitute a criminal offence under Hate Crime legislation.

"This ongoing matter is one which the University is taking seriously, and anyone found to be responsible will be subject to internal disciplinary proceedings, and the matter reported to the police."

As a result of the incident, security and porters will be increasing their campus patrols and encourage and staff or students aware of those involved in the incident to come forward, as well as being vigilant towards any further activity.