Just some pics of Aberdeen looking bloody bonnie in the snow


We all know the classic sunset takeover that happens whenever the sky is remotely pretty, and all you can see on every social media platform is photos of it, removing any need for windows.

This week however, snow hit Aberdeen, and boy did you all want to make sure that everyone you know knew that it was happening.

We've scoured the world of Instagram to bring you our favourite pics, filtered and unfiltered, of one of the few times that Aberdeen's weather has been something to rave about.


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Saying goodbye to the majestic ‘Granite City’ and its lovely Aberdonians with my hotel view in the snow. In my 3 days here I’ve only had about 3 hours to explore the city but I can not wait to come back (and have more rowies to eat!!) I’ve met some fantastic people and I must express my gratitude to the ladies at Aberdeen University who invited me to come and give a lecture at the Special Collections yesterday @uniofaberdeen. As a treat I got a unique tour of the Special Collections library during the day. I got to see their beautiful cookbook collection, and their miniature books (love a tiny book!!). If you’re in Scotland, tomorrow or saturday there is an article in the Evening Express from when I baked with them on tuesday. If you can get a copy, snap me a pic!!

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Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow ❄️:)

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Ah we've missed a good Scottish winter! ❄ #bigkids #im30 @_h_r_w

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Предупреждаю, будет много фоток со снегом! 😂

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Lil snowman⛄ – made by Indo-Aberdonians

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