University of Aberdeen performs poorly in University Green Table

We placed 2nd last out of all the Scottish universities.

The University of Aberdeen has ranked 129th in People and Planet's annual Green Table, scoring 0 out of 100 for both Waste and Recycling and Carbon Reduction.

The rankings use thirteen metrics, including Carbon Management, Water Reduction and Environmental Policy to determine a university's 'green score'. This year, Aberdeen uni was beaten by RGU (126th), University of Stirling (113th), and even the University of Dundee (105th).

Edinburgh Napier sits in the top spot for Scottish universities (28th place overall) and Manchester Metropolitan is number one overall.

How did these guys beat us?

AU's poor performance can maybe be linked to our friends in the oil industry, £98,881 has been received in donations from the fossil fuel industry from 2009-2014 including BP. Also, 5 members of the universities governing body have links to the fossil fuel industry.

A good thing that has come out of this is that the University of Aberdeen scored 80 out of 100 for their Environmental Policy, unlike the University of Glasgow that scored 0.

The student led People and Planet Network founded the Green Table in 2007, receiving significant criticism for it's approach to ranking. However, the organisation has been credited with initiating efforts to improve environmental practice on campus.