Places to take your parents when they visit Aberdeen


Believe it or not, there's more to Aberdeen than seagulls and VKs.

It's a good idea to know places that students don't go to all the time, and places that will actually impress your parents – your student flat and a walk around campus, as pretty as it is, is just not sufficient enough.

The Tab Aberdeen have created a list of places that are acceptable to take your doting parents whenever they make the trek up North to visit you.


Great food, yummy coffee and cool vibes. This is the kind of place that your parents wouldn't think of because, "isn't it all vegan food? Oh your Dad won't like that".

It's not all vegan and the things that are actually vegan friendly are SO GOOD you can't even tell.

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Foodstory is also in a really nice part of Aberdeen, Thistle Street is home to a couple of cute shops and food places. The West End of Aberdeen is also a short walk away, it's the posh area of the city which I'm sure your parents will appreciate.

The Maritime Museum

What are your parents going to know Aberdeen for? Oh yeah, boats and oil.

Aberdeen Maritime Museum . #aberdeenmaritimemuseum #visitabn #shiprow#ships #harbour

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The Maritime Museum tells the story of Aberdeen's long relationship with the North Sea with exhibits ranging from shipbuilding, fishing to displays on the North Sea oil industry.

There's also a couple of interactive displays that are hella cool, and a saviour if boats and oil aren't your thing.

The museum is situated on the historic Shiprow in the heart of the city, near the harbour.

The Beach

A 20 minute walk from campus and you're at the beach, a place famous for its golden sand and its long curved length between the harbour and the River Don's mouth.

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Some people like to call Aberdeen the 'Barcelona of the North' because of the beach.

Team your walk along the beach with a trip to Codona's, an ice cream and a legendary Aberdeen chipper.


Or 'Fittie' if you're a local.

It's one of the most unique communities in the the UK, huddled at the end of the Beach.

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It's a former fishing village from the mid 19th century, and walking through it is like talking a step back in time.

The cottages (some are super tiny and cute) all face inwards in squares with their backs to the sea to protect them from the fierce North Sea.


A great place to take your Dad after a day of going to the Maritime Museum and the Beach.

BrewDog isn't like any other pub in Aberdeen, it's a special one because it's from here.

The company was started in Fraserburgh, just outside the city, and Aberdeen is home to their flagship pub on Gallowgate (there's also another one at Castlegate).

So, hopefully you'll keep these places in mind for when your parents are next in the Granite city. Or if you're really against your parents visiting you at uni, keep them aside for cute date ideas.