Your Aberdeen University Rector candidates

Here’s the line-up for 2017

It's that time of year where you, the student body, get to vote for the new University Rector.

What even is a Rector? Fear not, for The Tab Aberdeen have your back.

The Rector of the University of Aberdeen is an ancient post with a rich tradition and the role has been held by some really cool people over the years (including Winston Churchill).

Our current Rector is Maggie Chapman, and she's been doing it since 2014.

The Rector's main role is to represent and support us students and they do this independently from AUSA and the University administration – this is supposed to mean that the Rector has a "direct relationship" with the students. Sure.

We've compiled a fact-sheet about each of the candidates to make your choice as to who to vote for, that little bit easier.

Andrew Bowie

This guy went to uni here, and he's an MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine. After his career in the Navy, Andrew came back to education at the University of Aberdeen where he studied Politics.

Because he's a former student, he "feels very passionate about representing the current students of Aberdeen to make their time at University more enjoyable."

Andrew is an advocate for young people, and is involved in the Vote at 16 campaign in the House of Commons.

Here's his manifesto.

Incredibly honoured to have been nominated by students to be a candidate for Rector of the University of Aberdeen.

Posted by Andrew Bowie MP on Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Maggie Chapman

You've heard this name before.

Maggie Chapman is the current Rector of the University of Aberdeen, having been elected in 2014 with over 1400 votes.

Since becoming Rector she has been a part of the University Court, making sure that students and staff are heard in the University's institution.

She is the co-convener of the Scottish Green Party and was a member of the Smith Commission and of COSLA’s Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy.

Maggie is also the Chief Executive of the Scottish Council on Visual Impairment, and has worked in the women’s sector and as a Geography lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University.

You can read more about what I stand for and what my priorities for the next three years will be in my manifesto:

Posted by Maggie Chapman on Monday, November 6, 2017

Angus Hepburn

Angus is a student here at Aberdeen and feels that as a student he is in the right position to represent us.

He, "works hard in my classes and like many of you juggle the rigors of having a job with doing the fun things like swimming and going out".

Angus says that he will work hard as the University Rector because, what affects us affects him.

Here's a link to his manifesto.

Fiona Kennedy

Fiona has lived in Aberdeen for the last 33 years bringing up her children, working and campaigning locally, nationally and internationally for many charities.

She is a singer, a broadcaster and producer and has raised awareness (as well as money) for important and often struggling causes.

If Fiona is elected as our Rector, she will "tirelessly and persistently look after all student’s best interests".

Fiona will also be taking our concerns not only to the University Court, but to The Scottish Parliament and beyond.

Please have a look at Fiona's manifesto here:

Posted by FiKen4Rector on Sunday, November 5, 2017

Voting opens next Tuesday the 14th at 9am and closes at 5pm on the 16th of November.

Details on how you can vote will be emailed to your University email address at the start of the voting period.