Last minute DIY Halloween Costumes

Because saas-o-ween ain’t a thing yet

This is proof in itself that you don't have to go to Grays to be able to create a truly disco, budget friendly costume. Gather ya flat together, have a lil arts & crafts session in the kitchen! Bonding? Maybe. Fun? Absolutely. Get yourself down to Union St, Union Square, Trinity Centre or Bon Accord for everything you'll need for these.


With the rise of the "Beauty Bloggers", this is somwewhere in-between a dig and the reality. Regardless, it's quite funny, very simple and your cheekbones will be looking flawless all night *

*don't hold me to this

YOU NEED: A cheap contour kit (available in Superdrug in St Nicholas & Trinity or Boots in Union Square or Bon Accord)


Classic. Simply stick a whole load of purple or green balloons to your body & voila, you have a costume. Balloons availble from the Card Factory (St. Nicholas)

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Add wine for authenticity


Just incase you happen to forget that you are infact a queen (also applies if you're a bloke; still a queen). This costume is so easy, that even a politics student could craft it themselves.

*not that politics is easy, it's just not very creative

YOU NEED: Gold card, Pipe Cleaners (preferably black), Yellow pom-poms, superglue, tape & scissors (all of these are available in The Works (Trinity) & Hobbycraft (Union Sq))

Close-up of the #beeantenna 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

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Undoubtedly an oldie, but a goldie. Perfect for partying beacuse you are 100% gonna glow.

YOU NEED: Many glowsticks (available literally everywhere from Card Factory @ st nics to Morrisons), Black leggings/jeans/long sleeved top (if you don't have these, visit Union Sq, Trinity, Bon Accord or Union St & you'll find em super easy).

HOW TO: Dress yaself in black, make glowsticks into a you-sized-stickman, ask a chum to help you attatch this figure to you. Ideal for if you need a very rapid, easy, cheap costume that is still funny as anything.


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Imagine a night, surrounded by all your fave lads. No need to imagine (well), with this costume it'll literally be raining all of the beautiful men.

YOU NEED: Clear Umbrella (Primark, Union St), String (The Works/Hobbycraft), Many portrait cutouts of your 'crushes', tape & optional wellies/mac.

TO DO: Cut around the faces of the men, attatch string to the back with tape, and stick them so they're hanging off the brolly – almost like an Aussie Cork Hat…

HALLELUJAH! It’s raining men. If you wanted an excuse to be surrounded by your favorite heartthrobs on Halloween, allow…

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Not the literal Christian Grey, not this time anyway… This one is so simple, raid Primark on Union St and pick up everything they have in the colour grey and boooooom; 50 Shades.

Look at that tonal range