Vote: What’s the best post-night out takeaway in Aberdeen?

Where the stomach goes, the student goes

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Ah, students. A word that strikes fear into the heart of every local. However, if you’re a business owner, what better customers than hordes of extremely drunk students practically throwing their cash at you?

First of all, it’s not a ‘snack’, it’s a full blown meal. Extra dinner, because we all know the pasta you ate to avoid getting drunk too quickly just wasn’t enough.


Look at that glorious food

Look at that glorious food

The classic way to end a night out, ordering as much as you possibly can fit in that bag for the walk home. I mean, with a free cheeseburger courtesy of your student ID, who would refuse such an amazing deal?

Situated on Union Street, right around the corner from Underground, Garage and Institute, it is newly refurbished with awesome huge touch screens for self service, so you can order your feast with minimum basic human interaction – a bonus if you’re too drunk to talk. The friendly bouncers here make it an atmosphere to rival clubs. And with it being open until 3am, there’s always time for a McDonald’s when you’re on the sesh.

Anything from the chippie

Girl's gotta have her chips

Girl’s gotta have her chips

You can bet that there will be at least one chippie open that will satisfy all of your cravings, weird and wonderful as they may be. It’s a safe option and it comes in semi-indestructible little boxes or cones, so you don’t have to be worried about it soaking through in the wonderful Aberdeen climate.


We all have our go to food, which when you’re drunk is absolutely any food, even mayonnaise, especially when you despise the stuff sober (aka me). With the beloved institution that is Tasty Tattie having closed down, where will we go to for our perfectly cooked, just the right amount of cheesy pizza? Look no further, for Chopstix is here to save you.

Exactly the right mix between carby and nutritious (it has vegetables in it, okay?) you can’t go wrong with this Asian staple – it’s definitely worth spending that little bit extra for all the luxury of a Chinese late at night.


Two iconic landmarks of Aberdeen right next to each other

Two iconic landmarks of Aberdeen right next to each other

If Turkish foods are a delight to you (pun intended), then Richi’s Cafe is the place to go. For a medium doner kebab, it’s only £5 – enough for two and a half VKs, if you eat enough it should cancel out all those other ones right? With a wide variety of choices of toppings, along with pitta bread, it really cannot be faulted. If that wasn’t enough to convince you alone, it’s right next to Underground, easy to waltz in to (or be dragged in by your mates if you’ve had too much).

The Little Belmont Hut

Blurry, much like the night

Blurry, much like the night

If, like students everywhere, you enjoy a good Dominos after a night out, but can’t be bothered with the hassle of ordering it, head over to The Little Belmont Hut. Hidden away on Little Belmont Street between Pizza Express and Slain’s Castle. With a 12′ margherita pizza costing only £7, that’s enough for a meal tonight and breakfast tomorrow. It is an arguably multi-cultural place, due to the vast array of food available, from a simple pizza to chicken pakora and cheesy naan – a place where everyone can enjoy.