Vote: the best smoking area in Aberdeen

A very important, life changing vote.

The smoking area of a club is a place unlike any other, they’re all different in their own little ways and how good a smoking area is can make or break a club.

It’s a place where people go to cool down and take a break from the packed dancefloor, or it’s a chance to actually talk to that hot guy you’ve been spying without losing your voice shouting inside. Or you know, people actually go there to smoke.

We have decided to pick out a few of Aberdeen’s smoking areas and it’s up to you to decide which one should be crowned the best in the Granite City.


Busyness levels: 7/10

Likelihood of pulling: 9/10

Chances of bumming a cigarette: 4/10

Safety against the weather: 10/10

A place where new friends will most definitely be made. And people aren’t judgy here, everyone’s doing their own thing and loving life.

You can also see your pals at Unit 51 if there’s an event on there too.

Here’s a quote about Tunnels smoking area: “Will 100% pull, it’s the smoking area of dreams”.

If that doesn’t sell you I don’t know what will.


Busyness levels: 10/10

Likelihood of pulling: 8/10

Chances of bumming a cigarette: 7/10

Safety against the weather: 2/10

Institute’s smoking area is essential for any night out here because you just get too sweaty and cutting shapes to S Club 7 upstairs. This is also a great place to meet new pals, and is definitely a hot-bed for talking to someone and then pulling them.

The worst thing about the Institute smoking area is how busy it gets, everyone needs that cold Aberdeen air to cool them down after experiencing the sweat box that is the upstairs dancefloor.

A good thing is if you’re standing at the far side, you can laugh at the people in the Garage smoking area.

A con is how dangerous it can be with those damn cobbles, however a great excuse to grab tightly onto that new guy or gal you just pulled.


Busyness levels: 10/10

Likelihood of pulling: 2/10

Chances of bumming a cigarette: 3/10

Safety against the weather: 8/10

Why are we even talking about this.

It’s small, and the bouncer has to let you into it and he won’t if it’s too busy. It’s got patio heaters though.

The best bit about the Nox smoking area could actually be that wee room before you go into the smoking area providing that it’s not super busy.


Busyness levels: 8/10

Likelihood of pulling: 7/10

Chances of bumming a cigarette: 9/10

Safety against the weather: 10/10

Does it still have seats? Nothing better than taking your time to cool off having drunken chats with random people and smoking – whilst having a seat.

It has the same benefit as Tunnels in that you’re in a tunnel so you’re sheltered from gross Aberdeen weather.

This smoking area is also a lot bigger than the likes of Institute. Well at least it feels bigger, you can spread out a bit and you don’t feel as crammed in.