Aberdeen’s nightlife has you covered for every single night of the week

Aren’t we spoilt?

Lecture finished late on Monday? Flatmate left out mouldy dishes on Tuesday? Attached by a seagull on Wednesday? Someone drank your milk on Thursday? Dyed all your clothes pink on Friday? Overloaded with uni work on Saturday? Genuinely just dreading the week ahead on Sunday?

Luckily for you, Aberdeen has the answer to every single one of these problems. Well, maybe not the overloaded with uni work thing, but hey, if you can't do it why not just forget that it exists.

Monday – Mansion @ Nox

It's the beginning of the week, uni hasn't shat all over you yet and you're still feeling like you've got your life relatively together. PERFECT opportunity to get a bit more dolled up than you might at most of the other clubs in Aberdeen, ready for some more classy bathroom mirror pics and an overall great start to the week.

My beautiful cupcakes, in world full of muffins ❤❤❤

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Tuesday – Carwash @ Underground

Carwash is an Aberdeonian cult favourite, from the witty entrance stamps to the epic society discounts, you can't really go wrong. Upstairs features the classic club dance style music and mashups, while downstairs caters for each and every cheesy need that you could possibly have. Be prepared for a lot of fun and a bit of sweat.

Wednesday – Skite @ Institute

Chances are if you're part of a sports team or society, you'll already find yourself in Institute every Wednesday regardless of how your day has been. One does not simply pop into Institute sometimes on a Wednesday. Skite is no mere 'night out', Skite is a commitment, an experience, and a way of life.

Thursday – Rare @ Tunnels

If techno and house music are your thing, the question isn't where to go, it's whether or not you've been to Tunnels yet. And if the answer is no then the second question is why. Then the third question is are you free this Thursday. And your answer should be yes.

i love you, john niceass

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Friday – Vanity @ Institute

End of the week, everyone wants to be anywhere but in, and chances are most people want to be in Institute. If you've not got at least one VK in each hand then you're doing it wrong, if you don't fall down the stairs at least once then you're doing it wrong, and if you don't do a lost stumble around the entire circumference of the dance floor looking for your friends after you've been to the toilet then please share your secrets.

Saturday – All Night Passion @ Tunnels

This close to monthly event at Tunnels often sells out, so if you want to experience the passion, all night that is, then get in there quick. Different DJs run the disco each time, so head bellow the streets and remind yourself that if you aren't being successful, you can always be sloshed.

For something more regular, all your faves are also open on a Saturday of course.

Sunday – Big cheese @ Underground

Imagine downstairs of Underground, but upstairs too. That's a whole lot of throwback tunes literally everywhere. Sometimes, with the impending doom of the week ahead, the best thing to do is to just fling your arms in the air and let it all out to the world, whether that's through admitting your love for the mum of someone called Stacy or by revealing the Teenage Dirtbag that you truly are.

With the variety and sheer volume of nightlife that Aberdeen provides us with, we can almost forgive it for all the wind and the cold and the grey. Almost.

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