What to do in Aberdeen this Halloween

It rhymes wooOoOoOOooo spooky

With Halloween falling on a Monday this year, you may have thought that the choice of places to go in tasteless costumes was going to be limited. FEAR NOT. Or actually, fear a lot, because that’s what Halloween is for. This is a good thing, could you have thought of a more perfect excuse to celebrate the whole weekend before the actual date of October 31st? Didn’t think so. As always, our best friend Aberdeen taking care of all our haunted needs.

Codona’s Zombie takeover

Time: 6pm-11pm Saturday 29th October

This Halloween, Codona’s is being taken over by Zombies. HOW COOL IS THAT?! If the concept itself isn’t insane enough, its also free entry all night. And free rides all night for those who arrive in costume before 8pm. And there will be a DJ. AND there will be an outdoor bar serving Halloweeny drinks all night. Plus, because it finishes at 11 you can head into town after! Pres at Codona’s anyone?

(Over 18s only, sorry you unlucky younger freshers)

Don't be fooled by how clam it looks here...

Don’t be fooled by how clam it looks here…

Halloween at Slains Castle 

With the whole theme of Slains itself, they HAD to do something cool this Halloween, and they’re certainly planning on living up to that expectation. They’ve literally got a full week planned. Starting Tuesday 25th October they’ve got a ‘Halloween Hunt’ with a £100 cash prize (AKA booze money), followed by a spooky quiz on Wednesday 26th with yet another one hundred freakin pounds to be won. On Thursday 27th there’s a Slains Halloween Society party, ‘Pie Shop’ are performing live on Friday the 28th and then ‘Double Jack’ are performing on the Saturday! If that doesn’t kill you (how festively fitting), there’s Slains Big Haunted Circus on Sunday 30th and then finally an epic ‘Nightmare on Belmont Street’ on the big 31st night itself.

How dead you'll be next week

How dead you’ll be next week

Five Nights at Underground

Time: Every night from 27th October to 1st November

That is a challenge if I ever saw one. And a perfect opportunity to get five different equally horrifically DIY’d costumes. Underground are going over and above this year to give Aberdream a Halloween to remember… or most likely forget? Wristbands which give you FREE entry EVERY NIGHT can be collected from Bridge Street Social Club from Monday 24th onward from noon until 9pm. Why would you not?

*SECRET INFO*: We may or may not have been informed of a new bum stamp.

If last year is anything to go by, it's gonna be good

If last year is anything to go by, it’s gonna be good

Ghost Tours

Time: 7:20pm and 8:50pm Sunday 30th and Monday 31st October

Now we know that not all of Aberdeen live in nightclubs and late night kebab shops like the rest of us, so we have a little something for you too. ‘Hidden Aberdeen’ are running a series of spooky tours through the old Marischal College’s Medical School. With the title ‘BURKERS, BODYSNATCHERS & BLOODY SURGEONS!’, it sounds gruesome. Don’t expect to be outwit the action.

Tickets must be purchased in  advance through their website.

It's spooky enough from outside

It’s spooky enough from outside

Institute Weekender 

Time: Saturday 29th October and Monday 31st October

Institute are opening their doors on Hallows very Eve just for you lot. How kind of them. It’s sure to be packed full with insane decorations that will end up nicked and in the kitchens of drunken students. Fingers crossed they play ‘Thriller’ on the top floor.

Top tip: They’ve also got a cheeky little booth competition on their Facebook page.

Try and beat this

Try and beat this

Exodus Extravaganza

Time: Friday 28th-Monday 31st October

Exodus are going for a variety of different Halloweeny events this year. On the Friday they’re hosting a pumpkin carving competition in Triple Kirks, and you their lovely Facebook and Instagram followers get to pick the winners. On the Saturday they’ve got a tribute to the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ celebration, with live local bands, acrobats and face painting. Don’t worry, there’ll still be the Sunday pub bingo, but this week the prizes up for grabs will of course be Halloween themed. Finally on the big night of the 31st the club is open for an extra hour and will house a whole night of 80s themed Halloween goodness.

If there isn’t at least one thing in there that you want to attend, you’re doing Halloween wrong.

Its going to be pumpkinda hard to choose

Its going to be pumpkinda hard to choose


Time: Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Monday 31st

The usual go-to Monday night out, of course they’ve got something planned for us this Halloween. It is almost their duty. The whole weekend will be Halloween themed, with promos on the Friday and an especially Halloweeny version of your favourite Mansion Monday.

These will probably be orange

These will probably be orange

Whichever one you choose, have the best Halloween ever and dress up as something you’ll be embarrassed about a few years down the line. 

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