They’re here: ‘Killer clown’ with baseball bat spotted in Aberdeen

X Factor star Joey Devries was chased by one outside Tunnels

A creepy clown has been spotted outside an Aberdeen nightclub.

The ‘killer clown’ craze that started on college campuses in the US has made its way up north to Aberdeen.

A former contestant on The X Factor has claimed that he was chased by a ‘killer clown’ holding a baseball bat outside Tunnels.


Joey Devries, 22, and his pals were loading his car after his performance at the club when the clown appeared.

He said: “It was scary. I had seen videos of clowns doing the rounds and I thought it was just exaggeration.

“I just saw this clown standing there. I thought I was seeing things. He started running at us with a baseball bat.


“We were shocked — I didn’t know if he was messing around but he was running at the car.”

People on Twitter are now in a frenzy after Joey tweeted about his attack.



The police have said they are investigating several reports of ‘killer clowns’ all around Scotland and have warned the pranksters they will face jail time if they use blades for their menacing stunts.

Police Scotland said: “We treat all incidents of knife crime seriously.

“Anyone carrying an offensive weapon will be dealt with robustly and can expect to be held fully accountable for their actions.”

They warned they would take action against anyone who causes a victim distress.

Elsewhere in the UK, ‘killer clowns’ have been spotted in Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Edinburgh and Belfast.