Your scary recurring dreams explained

Because no one else wants to hear about them

“So I was in my house, but it, like, wasn’t my house, and you were there, but it wasn’t really you you, it was my old postman from back home, then we went outside and the sky was green.”

We’ve all had those mornings when we wake up and have to take a second to question how your brain created what it created last night.  As students most of us would probably pretend that everything is all cool all the time, but as crazy as it may seem having a closer look into your dreams is actually a pretty good way to access the feelings you might be trying to push into your subconscious mind. Here are some of the most common terrors that have probably made you jolt during lecture naps.

Public nudity means you’re feeling vulnerable

We’ve all had this one, and sat bolt upright to check we aren’t really in the school assembly hall in our Christmas pants. It’s a pretty self explanatory one, you’re probably feeling exposed and vulnerable. There may be something that you are hiding which you are scared to reveal. On the contrary, if you’re enjoying the nudity in your dream, you are apparently comfortable in your own skin and not scared of showing the real you.


Being chased means you’re avoiding something

If you’re dreaming of being chased, you are likely to be running away from your priorities, or even a person you are trying to avoid. These are most often represented by people or animals in the dreamworld. Looking really deeply into it, the environment you are running through can freak you out about your own feelings even more. If you’re running in a busy environment like a thick forest, your thoughts are more complex and muddled than they are if you were running in a wide open space.

Dreaming of pregnancy is a sign of creativity 

Apparently this isn’t an uncommon dream for guys to have too. Don’t worry girls, this doesn’t mean you should do a test or call up the guy you met in the club. This is actually a pretty positive sign of creativity. Metaphorically, the foetus in your dream is a new project or idea that you are creating. It is supposed to act as a reminder that things are happening and you need to let them grow and not rush anything.

Moving in slow motion means you’re overrun

Probably one of the most frustrating dreams which will have you sweating in your sleep. If you dream of being unable to move, whether it’s not as fast as you need to or in a fully paralytic sense, chances are you are dissatisfied with how fast things are moving in your life. Maybe there’s a specific project or essay that’s taking you longer than you’d hoped or a certain concept that you just can’t get into your head? You might be feeling defeated or overrun by an obstacle, but keep that chin up, in real life you can move as fast as you want to.

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Being unprepared for something just means what it means

Dreams in which you are unprepared for something mean that you are feeling unprepared for something. I’m going to expand on that. This kind of dream can branch out further to being late for something or physically lost somewhere. The feeling of lateness could be an expression of your worry that it’s too late to change something you are unhappy with. You might be feeling anxious about seizing an opportunity, or worried about missing out on something. A kind of dream FOMO I guess.

Teeth falling out can mean a few things

This has got to be one of the worst recurring dreams ever. Having dreams about your teeth falling out or being wobbly is stress and anxiety related. And if you weren’t stressed before, this dream will sort that right out for you. There are a few theories for what this means, including the inability to express how you truly feel about something. Other interpretations are to do with you being self-conscious, worried about the way that other people see you, or even the feeling that something in your life is falling apart, hence the decaying of your teeth. How lovely.

Your dreams probably don’t mean that you need to check twice that you’re fully clothed every time you leave the house or that you need serious dental work. However, you should still pay attention to them, for your own sake. As a student, juggling lectures, readings, presentations, cooking, social life, money management, societies and making sure you remember to call your mum every now and again is not easy. So if your brain is giving you a sign, its probably a good idea to listen to it.

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