Jobs cuts for medicine at AU as uni tries to save £1.5 million

They’re yet to reveal how many will lose their jobs

Over summer Aberdeen Uni informed staff of plans to save £1.5 million.

Since the announcement, staff at the school of medicine have had the option of voluntary severance or early retirement.

This option is open until the 30th September, but isn’t looking too popular.


Due to the lack of volunteers, AU has introduced compulsory job cuts for the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition, but is yet to reveal how many staff will lose their jobs.

The uni has apparently only saved around £100,000 of the £1.5 million target so far.

A spokesperson for Aberdeen University said: “We appreciate this situation may be unsettling for colleagues within the school but we will continue to keep staff updated and support is in place for those with any questions.”

The University and College Union Scotland official Mary Senior said: “We are currently in consultation with the university over its plans and are strongly opposed to any compulsory redundancies.”