Aberdeen club criticised for sexist ‘Golf Pros vs Golf Hoes’ event

‘Labelling women as hoes and calling men pros is nothing short of sexism’

Garage are infamous in Aberdeen for booking the people we all want to see: Hodor, Reggie ‘n’ Bollie, Cascada and, who could forget, the Vengaboys.

But their most recent Vegas Wednesday event has missed the mark completely. The night’s theme “Golf Pros vs Golf Hoes” has been criticised as sexist by some students for implying women cannot be professional golfers and for pitting the sexes against each other.

Katrina, a second year politics student, criticised the club for “fuelling lad culture”.

The picture they used to accompany the post hasn’t helped the criticism.

13094314_1093530134057089_1090891488577362660_nThe AU Feminist Society said: “It’s incredibly disappointing that a nightclub, a place where women often experience sexual harassment, choose to advertise their event in this way and thus encouraging the objectification of women. Labelling women as hoes but calling men pros is nothing short of sexism.”

In response, Garage told The Tab: “Our marketing guys got the idea from our friend who did a similar party in the USA, at that party, as with our event, both males and females were encouraged to dress up in golf clothing. The event name was simply a play on words taken from our American friends.

“We meant no offence to males or females in relation to the term hoes. Our night its tongue and cheeky and all about fun. We have Elvis marrying people with Haribo Rings, there is a twister mat, and people can try out our shisha too. Again no offence was ever intended, and we are sorry for any offence that has been taken.”