Blue Spice is Indian takeaway bliss

I literally can’t eat another bite, but it’s sooooo good

Aberdeen weather can be tricky – the kind that makes you avoid going outdoors. What better than having your food delivered right to your doorstep? it’s perfectly acceptable to get a takeaway every now and then. If you’re looking to explore a new nosh-dealer, Blue Spice is THE place for the big eat.

They don’t only do Indian, there’s also pizza, kebabs and more to stimulate every imaginable taste bud. Massive plus: Blue Spice does dessert too. Chocolate fudge cake. Need I say more? Their amazing meal deals for two are perfect for a late night feast with your lover or just in case you’re feeling extra hungry. And they have student specials, which are always great. Because let’s face it, we’re all skint and rather spend every extra penny on booze.


Being a vegetarian I can’t judge all the meaty goodness myself, but from my friend’s recommendations the chicken curry or munchie box (pakora, chips, doner meat and naan bread) are beyond good. Personal favourites are their vegetable pakora, peshwari naan and veggie thai curry, because who doesn’t fancy a solid thai curry at the end of the night?

12823330_1114053168634456_1613945965002466927_oHowever, minus points for a 10 quid minimum order (plus a small delivery fee) and delivery times that can bring a hungry mind close to desperation. But not only is the food worth waiting for, the delivery men are absolutely lovely and up for some banter.

After polishing off a ridiculous amount of food, there usually comes the regret and self-pity for having had another almost vomit-inducing treat. The next time you’re having a takeaway night and type in those magical numbers that will empty your bank account, but fill your belly with happiness just remember: Blue Spice.