Maddest Fresher: Luke Channon

What happens on ski trip stays on ski trip, even your eyebrows

In the first of our maddest fresher series, we look at the cider-swilling party monster Luke Channon of ski trip fame. 


In the pandemonium of the ski trip Luke shaved the top of his head and eyebrows.

It’s nice to think it was because he wanted to be more aerodynamic on the slopes but here’s his explanation: “It was my birthday that day and we’d just been at the pub drinking leffe, some European beer or something out of these mad beer bongs. We had to go buy scissors from the shop to start it then shaved the rest.”

Why do you think you should be the maddest fresher?

For the shits and gigs.

What’s the maddest thing you’ve ever done?


What’s your favourite drink?

Any two litres of cider.

What’s your biggest partying regret?

Trying to flip off a trampoline and breaking my wrist.

We salute you, Luke.