Garage is bringing back the Campus Bus

No more taxi queues for us

The free bus to get clubbers home after nights out has been re-introduced by the club.

Do you remember during your freshers week that buses were organised to come pick you up from Hillhead and drop you off outside Institute for the foam party? Well, Garage and Campus did the same with their big bright yellow American school bus, and now they’re bringing it back.

The buses will run at half hour intervals from 2:30 am after your Friday and Saturday nights, but this service will only be available to anyone that actually goes to Garage or Campus and gets a stamp.

Drop off zones include Woolmanhill, Spring Gardens, King Street and Hillhead, catering for most of the students in Aberdeen.

Thankfully we had guestlist..It is said that this move to re-introduce the bus is in the interest of our safety, after the recent attack of a young woman in Union Terrace Gardens.

Dustin Macdonald, chairman of the community council, said: “It’s a really good idea and I think most people would say ‘good on them’.

“It might not get everyone to their front door but it will get them out of town and home quicker, it will also help to clean the streets up quicker.

“If everyone worked together this service could be expanded.”


Ross Ewan, the manager of Garage and Campus, said: “Public safety and the safety of our customers particularly is always on our minds at the Garage and Campus.

Both the Garage and Campus have always been at the forefront of schemes to ensure our customers are safe and protected and the new initiative is simply a natural progression to some of the things we have done in the past, examples would include giving away free hoodies to our customers on cold nights and handing out ice poles to keep people hydrated on warmer ones.”

Now instead of waiting in the taxi queue at three am with seagulls trying to steal your McDonalds, you can just hop on this bus and get home safely.