Why you should join The Tab Aberdeen next term

Sometimes we go out

Aberdeen’s most talked about student newspaper is looking for new people to join our team.

With thousands of readers every month, The Tab is basically one of the only platforms for debate in university.

The team is made up of students, so we write what students want to read.

You don’t need any experience in journalism or a desire to work in journalism after uni, as long as you enjoy the writing part and getting drunk at socials.

To have your stories read by thousands, sign up and become part of the team.

We will also give you experience, The Tab is a great starting point for aspiring journalists and writers with many of our reporters going on to write for big companies such as the Sunday Times, The Guardian and Buzzfeed. It also looks great on your CV and it’s an awesome way to meet new people.

The Tab is the largest growing student based online magazine and it’s an amazing experience to be a part of it.

It’s not all about the journalism though, our socials are pretty neat and we meet up with Tab teams from all over the UK – and we have our own hashtag #Taberdeen.

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Some words of encouragement from our writers.

Ninian, Editor


“The tab is great to be a part of, having something you’ve written reads by thousands is really amazing.

It looks great on your CV as well. Not to mention the group of writers are awesome and we have fun doing it all as a team”

Emily, Senior Reporter, and Beth, Deputy Editor


Emily: “Taberdeen has been such a great thing to be involved in. You get the benefits of writing about stuff relevant to you, and your writing is read by 1000s of people.

“We also have great connections when we graduate and the socials are so much fun.

“And we have our own hashtag.”

Beth: “It’s so surreal having your articles read by so many people, one of mine got picked up by the Daily Mirror and then I had a member of This Morning production asking me about it.

“Last year we went to Edinburgh and had a massive and very messy night out with about 50 other Tab writers from all over Scotland which was pretty epic.

“The guys and gals in the team too are super nice and absolutely hilarious.”

Joseph, Senior Reporter

11816998_1036760656342660_1625055507759536085_n“It’s so good I joined twice.

“Well I think in contrast to popular opinion, it’s a great creative outlet as well as a social one and if you put some effort into it, the output can be satisfying in a number of ways.

“Be it that you have something to show for it, as well as developing a network of contacts in that field if you decide to pursue that interest.”

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