Aberdeen held a puppy petting session to help students relax before exams

Press paws on exam stress

Therapy dogs came to Aberdeen last week to help students destress before exam season.

Stressed-out students, overloaded with deadlines, exams and cold, could chill out with some puppies in the Old Johnston dining room to relax.

Me with a dog about my size

Me with a dog about my size

Paws Against Stress is an organisation who bring their ‘Therapets’ to people everywhere who need a little bit of fluffy de-stressing. From hospitals to universities, people can book time slots to chill with some four-legged friends.

The excitement at this point was unbearable

The excitement at this point was unbearable

From free massages and yoga sessions in the library to giving out care packages, Aberdeen is going all out this year to make sure their students stay sane throughout exam season.

They call the 'Therapets'

They call them ‘Therapets’

Scientific research proves that interaction with therapy animals can drastically reduce stress in humans. If science says you should do it, what better excuse is there to cuddle up to a puppy during exam period?

Katy, a first year Sociology student, said: “I have four exams coming up and I’m mega stressed out, but the dogs were all so cute and it completely took my mind off the workload, even if only for 15 minutes!”

Katy completely de-stressed

Katy completely de-stressed

The event at Johnston Hall was fully booked up in hours as soon as time slots were released.

'And they called it puppy looove'

‘And they called it puppy looove’

Hopefully the success and popularity of this event will make puppy cuddles much more regular at uni.