Vote now: What’s the worst thing about Aberdeen?

Where’s our bloody Union?

King’s is great. You feel like you’re in a community as soon as you walk into it but I’d love it even more if it weren’t for these five fatal flaws. But which is the worst?

No Union

Like seriously, where is it? The bobbin is great but it doesn’t have that feel of an alcohol fuelled school disco with an underlying sense of sexual frustration that other unis have. I want that. Butchart is a poor excuse, it’s a glorified gym hall.


Welcome to Castle Grayskull

The library during exams

Every vitriolic man and woman for themselves. Uppity honours students yaking about how first years shouldn’t be there. 1st years crying about exams that don’t matter. All drowned out by the relentless noise. If you have a social area on the ground floor, don’t make a hole through all the floors. Sound travels.



Bumping into undesirables

The one night stand from a year ago, the guy you don’t care about from school and the flatmate from halls who didn’t do his dishes. You just know you’re gonna see them crammed into the bottleneck that is Thom’s Place (the lane between the library and the café). There’s no escaping them, they are everywhere. Our cute, little, claustrophobic community.

The trek

Unless you live in Crombie/Johnstone (oh the envy) getting to uni for a 9am is like crossing Middle-Earth. The Spital is a winding, exhausting corkscrew and even the walk from Hillhead is a pain: The trench, Seaton and then the dreaded hill. It’s soul destroying and if you live further out, Town or Woodside for example, then you might as well forget about lectures before 12.

The cobbles

Sure they look great and give the place that good uni aesthetic but if you’re in a hurry it’s like running through treacle. Not to mention absolutely lethal if it’s been wet. Just make sure there aren’t any people to see you fall. Oh wait, the undesirables are everywhere and they’re watching.