Being Czech in Aberdeen

Haggis and black pudding make me want to be vegetarian

A quarter of UA students are international. We are everywhere.

Every one of us has some amazing story about how they got to Aberdeen or why they wanted to study here. In this case I feel I am kind of a boring person because if anyone asks why I am in Aberdeen I simply answer: “Because I got the offer…”

But the reason I chose it was to get away from home and do something different. I like not to think about things too much and just do them.

Sometimes it can be hard for international students to adapt to the Aberdeen culture. But I have found some things that keep me going on those horrible days when the grey sky meets with the grey buildings.

It’s not difficult to find good people to talk to or to make new friends. All the societies are amazing because they made it so much easier for me (a poor little fresher) to find new friends and meet awesome people.

The best thing about Aberdeen is the people though (who’d have thought).

Hm... So... Scotland...

The best thing about leaving your country for university is that you don’t have to live with your parents anymore – you can do whatever you want. Especially if they’re as far away as mine.

Although it isn’t all perfect. Home, the Czech Republic, is really beautiful so I do miss it every now and then. If you have ever been to Czech Republic, then you would know that it is a beautiful country, that fact does make me even more homesick.

Although since our awesome Estonian “friends” invented Skype, luckily you don’t have that feeling very often.


Now onto typical Scottish and British food. I’m a celiac so I can’t enjoy your buttery pastries or anything battered. Well, I can, but who wants to vomit the next day? It looks good – except your haggis and black pudding really makes me want to be a vegetarian.

Our typical dish is pork with dumplings and cabbage. People here have breakfast with beans and sausages – that would kill me for the rest of the day. Scottish fudge are the best sweets I have ever tried, kudos.

Partying in Czech Republic is quite different to here in Aberdeen. Pubs closing at midnight and clubs shutting at three am? Back home, the party starts after midnight and goes on until later in the morning.


VKs are a new thing to me

If you end the night too soon you can’t enjoy it that much.

Maybe it’s because the drinks are so expensive! £4 for a VK on a Saturday is actually ridiculous. In Czech Republic you can get beer for 50p!

And sometimes I wonder, girls are not you cold with your legs out? I wear a coat and I am still freezing! It’s gonna take me a while to get used to the Aberdeen cold.