Scots love to spoon

But we’re still pretty kinky

Spooning has been voted the most popular sex position in Scotland.

An online pharmacy, UK Medix, asked 2,157 people in Britain to take part in their study to find what position is their favourite.

Scotland came as a surprise, voting spooning to be their favourite.


We’re an intimate bunch

Scotland, along with the South East voted spooning the best with 39% and 38% of those asked.

Topping the list was some girl-on-top action with Northern Ireland, the North East and the East Midlands all voting cowgirl/reverse cowgirl as their favourite. The North West, Eastern England, and the South West all stayed with the classic missionary.

With the highest percentage, 51%, the Welsh proved that doggy style really takes their fancy.

Us here in Scotland also have something to be proud of, we are one of the top areas for safe sex. Coming second to Northern Ireland, 75% of the Scots asked said that they always use some form of contraception.

People who took part in the survey were also asked, “how kinky do you consider yourself to be?” using a scale of 1 to 10 – one being very traditional and ten being very experimental.

Scotland came in second tied with Wales, with people rating themselves to be 8 on the kinky scale.

The South West came in at the lowest score of 3 out of 10 on the kinky scale and the North West was 4. Not really that surprising when the favourite position of these areas was missionary.