Why don’t we have a Union?

One of the most frequently asked questions by students not from Aberdeen

Since coming to Aberdeen you may have noticed one thing that is missing from both of our universities – a student union.

Students from every other city in the UK would see this as blasphemous – where do we go for cheap drinks? where do we go for cheesy nights out?


“Where do you get your cheap drinks?”

We already have the Hub, Butchart on AU campus which sort of acts like the cafe and information side of a Union. RGU have the same thing basically – a building which is home to their student representatives and nobody really knows what happens in there.

But the one thing missing is a bar or nightclub close to our unis offering cheap drinks.


Could it go here?

It seems that someone has listened to this question, and it turns out that AU’s Butchart building is getting a £8 million redevelopment which will turn it into kind of a student union.

Apparently, the new union will have an advice centre, support for social enterprises and it’ll be the new home of AUSA.
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It’ll also have new study space, and places to chill out because it’s very annoying trying to find a seat in The Hub.

More importantly, there are rumours that there will be a “fully licensed cafe-bar and restaurant”.

Professor Sir Ian Diamond (lad) said “We want to continue to offer a world class student experience and a fully modernised union building that meets the needs of our expanding international student community is a key part of that”.

But in all honesty, do we really need one? We cope perfectly fine with The Bobbin being our local watering hole, Bobbin will always be bae.

UNP SPC 33624 Bobbin 58


When you go to a university without a students union, you don’t really miss it because well you don’t really know what the purpose of one is.

Sadly, no news like this has come from RGU campus, so you guys – keep on dreamin’.