Why Underground is better than Institute

Something every self-respecting Aberdeen student should know

Aberdeen institute underground

The most important question any self respecting Aberdeen Student will ask themselves: “Institute or Underground?”.

The two titans dominate the Aberdeen clubbing scene, but which is better?  To answer this, we must first look to see what each has to offer.



In terms of music, the two are fairly even – with both club’s DJs playing popular dance music, however – Institute just pips Underground to the post with its upstairs room.  Inside this magical place, beholds the songs we all awkwardly ‘jumped about’ to at dance halls and bowling clubs when we were 13.

A nostalgic throwback to the music that middle-aged DJ your mum knew from work would play.  Throwing down some serious shapes to Dancing Queen or The YMCA after hours of the same, repetitive drum and bass beat is a truly revitalising feeling.  Or even as soon as you get in from the mammoth of a queue.


Drunk glam

Institute’s queue is sometimes so long, you could almost finish Breaking Bad before you’re in.  When it comes to Underground however, there’s not nearly as much of a problem.  At the most, ten minutes in the queue, and you’re in.


UG have a mascot

Once you enter, the club’s appeal is evident.  With it’s organic environment it, as First Year Law student Aidan says, “mimics the basement rave feel”, as opposed to the almost strip-club-like Institute.  With minimal lights and different stage levels, it doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard.

You’re not there for the wallpaper or the fancy seating: you’re there for the music and the dance floor.


Strip club or Institute?

There is one other appeal with Institute: the toilet workers.  Alright, that sounds a bit weird, but you know what I mean.  Those funny guys who stand around in the club toilet with a towel and spurt off hilarious phrases to try and make you tip them.

That being said, these men are in Underground too – with equally funny phrases – and to top that off, they’re in Underground.


Have you ever noticed UG’s ceiling?

With it being literally underground, it gets warm.  Really warm.  You will sweat, a lot.  Far more than in Institute.

People don’t go to clubs to stand about and look good – that’s not what it’s all about – and if you do, you shouldn’t.  Drunkenly jumping around with your mates with some banging tunes blaring is great, and if you’re dripping with sweat, even better – chances are, you’ll be in Underground.


Smells of smoke and sweat