Girl wins free holiday to Ibiza, has to take panda everywhere with her

It was pandemonium

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Jammy Olivia Reid won a competition, run by Carwash Tuesdays, for her and a friend to go on the holiday of a lifetime.

The girls got seven boozy days in Ibiza with all expenses paid – there was just one catch.

They had to party with Scotland’s only panda outside captivity: The Carwash Disco Panda.

The Mechanical Engineering second year spoke to The Tab about her trip on the sun-soaked party paradise.

Olivia said: “I couldn’t believe I won it to be honest. It was amazing.

“I thought I was gonna be really embarrassed and for the first two minutes I was but after that I chose to embrace it. He was a lovely guy.”

She went on: “It was a lot easier having the panda around for sure, it was such a good icebreaker.

“It made it easier to speak to people and make friends and not feel awkward at all. By the end of the week there were people coming up to us like ‘OMG it’s you!’

“Maybe one of the craziest moments was him getting a lap dance. Although no one else got to see that because we weren’t allowed to take pictures.”

“Drugs were everywhere. But no, I never had sex… Like compared to other places you go Ibiza is so tame for sex, really.”

Meeting two girls you don’t know, dressed as a panda, before going on holiday together could be slightly awkward. But not for Nathan, the man inside the black-and-white suit.

He told the Tab: “Nah, we got on really well. They were on their dream holiday so they were buzzing the whole time. For the Disco Panda it was all about making sure they had a great holiday.

“If you put on a disguise or a mask you instantly go mental. As soon as you’re in disguise you become your alter-ego.

“You become Disco Panda. Disco Panda just went nuts.

“There was no bad vibe. Obviously, you’re in Ibiza and someone’s chewing their face off, they see a huge panda head and pretty much shit their pants.”

With world famous party venues like Amnesia to go to, it looks as if things got suitably wild.

He added: “It was unbelievable. At one point I jumped on the podium and there were three or four thousand people on the dance floor. Everyone was going fucking nuts and the spotlight went on us.

“One of my pals is a DJ over there and  managed to get us into the DJ booth. I’m not really hugely into my dance music but apparently for Amnesia that’s quite a big deal. We threw some shapes around.”

In the crazy setting of Ibiza a six foot panda would surely attract some curiosity among the other party-goers and perhaps some female attention?

He said: “They didn’t mind a bit of panda that’s all I’m saying. Mr Panda went down a treat put it that way. They were well up for a bit of jungle love.”

Nathan decided to get a memento of his time on the white isle. Thankfully, it wasn’t chlamydia –  though it was a Carwash tattoo.

He said: “We kind of had an itinerary. I’d wake up in the morning and get a phone call saying what would be happening that day. Day two was meant to be a rest day.

“They said ‘today is your wild card.’ Got in the taxi and was like ‘fuck it.’ I Put it on Facebook and social media erupted. There was forty or fifty people wanting to get it.

“Tattoos are good reminders of good times. The people who say you should regret tattoos are fucking idiots. It’s definitely something I’ll remember for a long time.”

Yes it’s real